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Boise Idaho Portrait and Event Photographyweddings
Wedding photography Boise, Boise Idaho wedding photographer, wedding photographers in Boise Idaho

Wedding and event photography in Boise, Idaho

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Wedding & event photography at $225 per hour

Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be one of the most stressful (and expensive!) parts of planning your big day. How well will your photographer work with you and fit into the festivities? What are the hidden costs? Will s/he be able to capture all your most special moments?

I aim to make your day as joyful and hassle-free as possible - the way a wedding should be.

What my hourly rate includes:

  • One photographer (that's me!) continuously covering your day for however long you choose

  • One set of discs of the full-size, high-resolution photos from your event, individually edited

  • Full rights to make your own prints of your photos at whatever printer you choose

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover events other than weddings?

Definitely. Weddings are my most common type of event so most of the verbiage on this page is wedding-geared, but I'm happy to shoot other types of events as well.

Will you travel to cover my wedding?

Certainly - I love to travel. For weddings within a reasonable driving distance of Boise, I charge 50 cents per mile and overnight accommodation if necessary. For weddings further away, I require reimbursement for travel-related expenses. Weddings within the general Boise area do not incur travel charges.

Is there a minimum number of hours you require to shoot a wedding?

I require a three-hour minimum for events at the standard $225/hr rate. If you have a shorter event, please contact me and we'll set something up.

Do we meet for a consultation before my wedding?

It's up to you! I'm happy to meet with you anywhere in Boise free of charge to go over scheduling and other details prior to your big day, which can be great to get to know each other beforehand. If you'd rather go over details via e-mail or phone, though, that's fine too. Either way, I do require a signed contract outlining the tentative number of hours and payment details, which we can sign in person or scan and e-mail.

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Just $225/hr? Are there any hidden costs?

Apart from 6% Idaho sales tax (not included in the $225/hr) and any travel costs for out of town weddings, nope! That's it!

How many hours should I book?

This is a hard one and varies from wedding to wedding. It depends on which sections of your day you want covered by a professional photographer. Some couples want coverage of the entire day, from the bride and her girls getting ready to the happy couple's final getaway; others are content with a few posed portraits and coverage of just the ceremony and reception. Generally I recommend allowing one hour for posed photos of the bridal party and family, and another hour for posed photos of just the bride and groom. These photos may take less time, but it's important for you not to feel rushed so you're comfortable, and for me not to feel rushed so I can set up properly and take the best photos possible!

Work backward from the start time of your ceremony/reception and figure out how much time you'll need to prepare, whether the bride and groom want to see each other before the ceremony (important for figuring out whether to do posed portraits before or after the ceremony), and what are the key moments you want captured. Give yourselves margin! It can also be helpful to create a shot list of your must-have photos, particularly when it comes to groupings of family members (i.e. bride/groom with both sets of parents, bride/groom with grandparents, bride with just her siblings, etc.).

How do I pay you? Do you require a deposit?

I accept check, cash, Venmo, or PayPal (3% processing fee applies), and require a 50% deposit of the estimated total in advance or on the day of the wedding. If I end up working more or less time than expected, I'll adjust the remaining total accordingly, which is due only after you've received your photos.

Can I see a sample entire album of a wedding you've photographed?

I don't post entire wedding albums online merely because these albums often run from 400-1000 photos, but you can view highlight albums on Facebook or on the blog which each include 100-300 photos!

Will you be the photographer covering my wedding?

Yes. Unlike larger companies where you're not sure which photographer you'll get, I will definitely be the one covering your wedding. I generally work alone, however, and do not have a second shooter / assistant photographer with me. This keeps costs down for both of us but it does mean I can only be covering one angle at a time.

Do you mind if I have a videographer / photographer friends also covering the event?

Generally, not at all. I'm happy to work with a videographer as long as we can talk briefly beforehand to make sure we don't get in each other's way. Everyone wants to take their own photos of their friends at weddings, and that's fine too. Just be sure everyone respects that you've hired a professional photographer, especially during the ceremony! We'll lose a lot of time if you have ten other people taking photos behind me and you're suddenly not sure which camera to look at, or if I need to get closer to get a shot and other guests are piled up in front of me trying to get their own pictures. Make sure everyone knows they'll be able to see the professional photos from your wedding and they don't need to take their own version of each photo.

How many photos total will I get?

It really depends on the wedding, but generally you can expect about 100 photos per hour of coverage. Depending on the wedding, I may take well over 1000 photos throughout the day to make sure I capture every special moment, and narrow it down to the best shots afterward. Usually this works out to about 100 photos for every hour of coverage, sometimes more, sometimes less.

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Can I really print my own photos?

Yes. This is a key issue when hiring a photographer! I provide you with copies of the full-size photos from your wedding, unwatermarked, with personal use rights to make as many prints as you wish, at whatever size you wish, using whatever printer you wish. ("Personal use" simply means that you can't use the photos commercially. If you become rock stars, you can't use your wedding photos on your album cover without talking to me first.) I include web-sized versions of your photos on disc as well for easy sharing. Don't be fooled by companies who promise you "complete discs of photos" when what they include is small-size, watermarked versions of the photos, forcing you to print through them.

But if I want to order prints or albums through you, can I?

You most certainly can! Check out my rates for prints here. If you're interested in a custom-designed album, please contact me for details.

Do you shoot in color or black and white? What kind of editing do you do on the photos?

Like almost all digital photographers these days, I shoot in color. After the fact, I may convert some of the photos to black and white, but shooting in color gives me the option to have either version of the photos.

For candid and group photos, I edit with clean, bright colors, with a mix of black and white, especially for more "journalistic" moments. I edit with a sense of continuity so the photos work together in an album to tell a story. For posed photos of the bride and groom, I edit a little more in depth with skin retouching, and work with more creative color effects other than plain color or black and white.

Can you change the editing on a photo for me if I don't like it after I get my photos on disc?

Once I provide the photos on disc and send them to you, I consider a project finalized and do not make any further changes. If you really need a different version of a particular photo (say a color version of a black and white photo), let me know and I may be able to help. Please familiarize yourself in advance with my style of editing to make sure it's a good fit and what you're looking for! If you have any special requests or questions, please talk to me beforehand to see if I can accommodate you.

How soon after my wedding will I receive my photos?

I typically estimate 4-6 weeks in turnaround time from your wedding day to when I finish editing (no more than 60 days at most). If I'm unusually backlogged and estimate it will take longer than six weeks, I'll do my best to let you know in advance. I do post previews from your wedding on my Facebook page before the final album is complete, though, so be sure to check for those!

Can I order extra sets of the discs?

Yes! You're welcome to make as many extra copies as you wish after you receive the discs, or order extra sets through me for $30 per set. Please let me know ahead of time or reordering fees may apply.

Ready to book, or have a few more questions?  Head over to the contact page!

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